In addition to safety, archery etiquette is another important area that every new archer should master. As a novice archer you will be concentrating on achieving good technique but good etiquette is important too. Remember, “a good archer” should not be confused with an archer who is technically proficient at archery. A good archer is one who is polite, observes the rules and shoots in a safe and responsible manner. As a polite reminder we discuss below the rules of etiquette that we would ask all Herefordshire archers adhere to.

A good archer:

  • does not talk in a loud voice whilst others are shooting.
  • does not talk to another competitor who obviously prefers to be silent.
  • does not make any exclamation on the shooting that may disconcert a neighbour in the act of shooting.
  • does not go behind the target to retrieve his arrows before his score has been recorded.
  • does not walk up and down the shooting line comparing scores.
  • does not touch anyone else’s equipment without permission.
  • does not leave litter.
  • calls scores in groups of three, for example, ‘7-7-5’ pause ‘5-5-3’. When it is your turn to be scorer (traditionally if you are turn C on the target) you will appreciate that pause!
  • pays for damage to another’s arrows through carelessness.
  • thanks the field captain at the end of each round for work done on his behalf.
  • does not leave the shooting line if a neighbouring archer is at full draw.
  • only occupies the shooting line whilst actually shooting.
  • does not touch the arrows in the target until after the score has been recorded.
  • does not leave the last archer on the line alone.