Archery safety is a vitally important area that every new archer must master. A good beginners course will cover much of the rules concerning safety on and around a shooting line but over time many novice archers are so busy focusing on their technique that safety, and etiquette, are often forgotten. The term “A good archer” should not be confused with an archer who is technically proficient at archery. A good archer is one who is polite, observes the rules and shoots in a safe and responsible manner. As a polite reminder we list below the rules of safety that we would ask all archers adhere to.

  • Wear close-fitting clothing and secure jewellery as it may get caught up in the bowstring.
  • Anyone not actually shooting must stay behind the waiting line. The only people on the shooting line should be archers who are actually shooting and coaches.
  • Only nock an arrow when standing on the shooting line. Arrows must never be pointed anywhere other that at the target.
  • Wait for the command from the person controlling the shooting line before nocking an arrow.
  • Footwear that fully encloses the toes must be worn on the shooting line (ie not sandals or flip flops).
  • NEVER shoot a bow without an arrow in it. Always come down gently and under control.
  • When you have finished shooting, retire behind the waiting line.
  • DO NOT walk towards the targets until all shooting has been completed and the signal to retrieve arrows is given.
  • Always walk, NEVER RUN. Approach the targets to either side, NOT to the centre, being aware that arrows do fall short and may be in your path.
  • Replace retrieved arrows in a quiver, or carry them back to the shooting line holding them an inch or two above the pile (point) of the arrow, with fletchings behind your elbow and upper arm.Always stand and draw arrows from the side, checking as you pull that no one is standing in the way of the arrow being pulled.
  • Do not stand in front of the arrows being pulled from the target.
  • Always pull arrows from the target first before retrieving any arrows on the ground at the foot of the target.
  • If you hear “FAST” called, stop shooting immediately. Come down and replace your arrow back in the quiver. Note that anyone can call “FAST” at any time they see a potential accident occurring.

Let’s keep archery a safe sport.